Our Facilities

OSHA compliant and insured for pollution hazards while on your site, our portable restroom facilities are CLEAN and come with personal, dedicated service by our team. Take a look at the types of facilities we offer.


Special Events

Delivered to your special event site in excellent condition, Cat Cans has the capacity and flexibility to meet the portable restroom needs of any size job. Let us help you calculate the number of facilities you will need for your event.


Septic Services

Help prevent septic system failure through septic pumping and preventative maintenance. With 17 years of experience, Cat Cans owner Matt Wallace keeps your best interests in mind when evaluating your septic system needs.


Sewer Gas Odor with your Septic System

  Do you have a sewer gas odor with your septic system? Wonder what the cause is?  Where on the property are the odors strongest? Downdrafts causing odors? Cold weather can cause downdrafts from a building plumbing vent stack –...
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When Is Septic Tank Maintenance Needed?

If a septic tank is operating properly, solids are retained and take up increasingly more volume. Eventually, they must be removed! If there is little accumulation of solids, either the household has limited usage or there is a problem causing...
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