12 March 2021

Sewer Gas Odor with your Septic System

  Do you have a sewer gas odor with your septic system? Wonder what the cause is?  Where on the property are the odors strongest? Downdrafts causing odors? Cold weather can cause downdrafts from a building plumbing vent stack – if this is the case the odors would probably vary by wind conditions and would...
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16 April 2020

When Is Septic Tank Maintenance Needed?

If a septic tank is operating properly, solids are retained and take up increasingly more volume. Eventually, they must be removed! If there is little accumulation of solids, either the household has limited usage or there is a problem causing solids to pass through the tank. When there is little clear zone left, proper solids...
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31 March 2020

What to do if you have a sewage backup…

The first priority when dealing with the aftermath of a large sewage backup is your safety. You should contact your insurance company, prior to beginning clean up, to determine if the policy has any coverage. You should also shut off the gas and electricity, if you have standing water. Thorough cleaning of indoor sewage spills...
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16 March 2020


In this time of uncertainty, we want to remind you that your septic system isn’t able to handle high amounts of toilet paper, wipes and excessive bleach! Septic system maintenance isn’t just about regular checkups and inspections. It also depends on your household’s overall water usage and habits. And, as you probably already know, this...
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12 March 2019

Coming Out of The Deep Freeze

After a long wet winter, most of us are ready to get out into our yards as spring approaches. However, rainy season is among us. Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that April showers can greatly impact your septic system? After a heavy rain, septic problems can be common....
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21 December 2018


Christmas and the Holidays are literally right around the corner. With under a week to prepare for family and guests, that will be celebrating with you, for the Holiday’s and New Year’s, it may be the right time to make sure your septic system is up to par. I know it seems like one more...
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04 October 2018

Prepare Your Septic For Fall…Five Fall Facts

As fall approaches, you are probably preparing yourself for cooler weather, packing up your summer clothes and buying a few more sweaters. When preparing yourself for the cold, don’t forget about your septic system. Here are Five Fall Facts… PUMP YOUR TANK – If its been a while since your last septic tank pumping, fall...
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05 September 2018

Septic Systems – What to Do After The Flood

Do I pump my septic tank during flooded or saturated drain field conditions? No! At best, pumping the tank is only a temporary solution. Under worst conditions, pumping it out could cause the tank to try to float out of the ground and may damage the inlet and outlet pipes. The best solution is to plug...
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