30 March 2016


Right now, as I am writing this, we just received two phone calls with customers having major issues with their septic systems.  A combination of rain and deferred maintenance have resulted in nightmare situations.  What do I have to tell them when the septic tank is full and the lateral field is fully saturated?…NO FLUSHING, NO LAUNDRY AND NO SHOWERS!


We highly encourage you to consider routine maintenance to be a must-do prep.  Don’t fall into the category of this customer…

“I consider myself moderately well-prepared, but my neglect of one critical infrastructure has really opened my eyes.

Recently, the drain field for my aged septic system failed, in part because I had procrastinated on getting the tank pumped.  This should be routine maintenance, for rural homeowners, and I had neglected it — something I will never do again!!

Getting the required repair permit, then getting on the schedule of a reliable excavator, took 2 weeks – and it was December, so if one of our Kansas snowstorms had it, the project would have had to wait until spring.  I had running water aplenty, I just couldn’t allow very much of it to go down the drain!!!

It is not important to me that you publish this, but I hope that you can at least make a brief note to folks that a fully functioning septic system goes hand-in-hand with fresh running water in your home.  You do not want to have to deal with a failed sewage system once the S* has Already Hit the Fan!!”  signed Now Aware Septic Owner