21 October 2014


cousin eddy

The holidays are a time of joy as family and friends come into your home to celebrate being together.  You may have even begun planning Thanksgiving dinner, but is your septic system ready to handle the holidays? Burning the turkey can throw a monkey wrench in to dinner plans (cue the pizza delivery guy) but having your septic system backup will send your friends and family running for cover.


Now might be the best time to schedule a septic pumping and septic system inspection. Regular maintenance is a bargain compared to the high costs of repairing or replacing a malfunctioning system, never mind the toll this would take on your family on the holidays.


Also, it might be a good time to review your water usage and consider changing over to High Efficiency toilets, sinks, and Energy Star appliances.  Efficient use of water can improve your septic system’s operation and reduce the risk of failure.


With the family coming over for dinner it is important that you remember never to pour liquid grease or fats down your sink and to limit or eliminate use of a garbage disposal which can significantly reduce the amount of solids and fats in your septic tank.


Don’t risk septic system failure this holiday season. Ensuring the health and happiness of your family with a septic system cleaning this fall – a gift the entire family can enjoy.

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